eCommerce Solutions for Brands.

It's not only about the page content. Consumer Packaged Goods companies are all jockeying for leadership positions with their retail partners under the new rules of eCommerce. Gaining visibility to what is happening both in-store and online is the first step to becoming a "Commerce" Captain

Single Pane of Glass for Retail. Finally.

An insightful single pane of glass view (SPOG) serves as the starting point from which a CPG or retail executive can get a sense of the big picture between offline and online worlds. Canopy is all about bringing disparate sources of eCommerce and shelf analytical data together to gain actionable insight on content health, customer engagement, pricing & offers, and sales/inventory. Not tomorrow. Today.

We're in good company

Canopy has a solid foundation for best-in-class retail analytics through the experience with flagship manufacturers and brands that rely on them for enterprise-driven analytics. Making incremental optimization to your own product pages while advising your retail buyer on category-level actionable insights for the broader digital shelf leads to incredible results - not to mention a new definition of what leadership means in your space. Get the knowledge and the tools to get your products on "page one" and in the cart.

Growing List of Retailers Supported

Supported retailer logos
All about the robots.
• 3,000,000 endpoints to track data• AI-driven to “self-heal” and drive results• Built to handle any eCommerce Retailer• Come from multiple geo-locations and“home store” setting abilities
Interactive platforms rule.
• Real-time visibility and alerts of keyeCommerce indicators• Content can be individually created, is self-aware of surroundings, and can influence entire pages
Master data library.
• Access to millions of SKUs across multipleretailers immediately available (history, pricing, reviews, content, syndication, promotions) in 100's of major categories

Know who is winning and where.

Receive real-time alerts and engage with interactive dashboards for competitive tracking, current (and shifting) Buy Box winner, pricing changes, MAP compliance, third party sellers, and heat mapping share of shelf across multiple retailers.

Know how healthy everyone's content is.

Never be surprised again on the shopper sentiment for your own items through reviews and unanswered and lead the way for the category with your buyer watching everyone else as well. Having a Content Quality Rating (CQR) at your fingertips in real time is the new ticket to play when winning the digital self, not to mention actually relating it back to sales and other conversion metrics. 

Know what is influencing category pages and where to act.

Canopy is a flexible platform that consumes and stores multiple data formats built to sit on top of any data model. Marketing services like AMS, APP, and WMX can all be integrated alongside social and influencer data and digital asset tracking.