Canopy | App Features

Content Health

Perfect your ecommerce presence by measuring your content against best-in-class benchmarks, gaining visibility into your complete product portfolio, and leveraging specific, actionable guidance for improvements on a per-item basis.

Content Quality Module

Shopper Engagement

Supercharge your interactions with your customers by discovering their sentiment towards your brands, pinpointing review trends and keywords, and identifying important (or overlooked) questions that require your attention.

Customer Reviews Module

Sales & Inventory

Monitor your in-stocks and product rankings with SKU-level, real-time alerts to status changes. Plug into your portal data for rapid analytics of your sales business metrics.

Product Ranking Module

Pricing & Offers

Know who is selling your products. Defend your brand presence by learning what price others are setting for your items and by tracking your wins and losses in the buy box.

Product Offers Module

Search & Category

Deeply understand the search ranking and and share trends for your products. Analyze your data via keywords and category, and on organic vs. sponsored items.

Share of Search Module

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